How many things did you learn this week? Not just skill stuff, but bits of information coming at us over the Internet, through television and radio, newspapers and magazines, the odd book or two, conversations. And then, of course, everything that’s penetrated us through the five senses. A lot isn’t it? In fact, it’s an incalculable amount, and yet, if you’re like me, you may feel that you haven’t learned enough, that personally, professionally, creatively there is so much more you could have and maybe should have learned just to keep pace with your goals scenario or your imagined competitors.

Somewhere there will be a book promising you an edge in learning, an accelerated rate of accessing and retaining information, a way of leaving your competitors behind.

If you’re interested in deepening your creative practice and in writing that provides you something unexpected and worthwhile without wrecking your health or making you nuts, then I suggest you sometimes forget about learning more.

Let go of the learning. Unremember and unlearn. It’s not easy, but it’s worthwhile approaching your story with the eyes and ears of a child.  With that kind of fluid and playful innocence.  Pretend, just for this project, that you don’t know about postmodernism and narrative theory and the necessity of being ironic.  All you have is attention, wonder, humor, love of writing and re-writing, and hard work.

It isn’t easy. All those voices saying “Oh, come on…You’re not going to say that. You’ll be mocked! Rejected! Dismissed!”  Yet, that can happen anyway.

Give yourself a break. Finally say and write what you really want. Just this once.

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