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The lives of three people are entangled in this literary thriller. Jenny, a ten year old girl living in Devon, England, is kidnapped and shut into a room by a man and a woman who seem to want to use her in some way, without at first actually physically harming her.

Andrea is a thirty year old game designer in London, who is sick of her life in an industry she is beginning to despise. The novel opens with her having tasered a man on a country road in Devon, and she sits in her car emotionally paralyzed by what she has just done.

The tasered man is Jim, a former firefighter on stress leave. He has become afraid of heights and must resolve his fear before his leave is over in two months. Otherwise he loses the job he thought he loved.

Very quickly, Jenny realizes she must escape from her shackles, since there is no money in her family and the kidnappers are hinting they want to play some “games” with her.  But how can she do this with no one to help her? Andrea is filled with rage against men, and she has just attacked a man, without cause, it seems.  Will she allow Jim to regain consciousness before she decides whether or not to call the police.?

While Andrea is anxiously wondering what to do about Jim, she cannot begin to notice that the manor house on the other side of the road has a little girl in it who needs urgently to escape.
Read “Snakes and Ladders”


Basic Self-Defense for Demonologists by Ramon Kubicek

A novel, set in England, composed of three narratives that come together at the end. The first concerns ten year old Jenny, who’s been kidnapped and shackled, for no reason she can understand. She longs for a hero to rescue her, but realizes she will probably have to create her own escape if she’s to survive. The second is about 30 year old Andrea, a computer game designer, who has just tasered a man who was only trying to warn her about a dangerous hanging wire. She creates games about fantastical heroes and longs to connect her creations to real world problems. The third is about Michael, the possible hero, a demon fighter who has sworn to protect children against the ravening attention of demons. Is he the hero that Jenny and Andrea need?  Is he even real or is he just a creation himself?
Read “Basic Self Defense for Demonologists”


Nferno by Ramon Kubicek

A fire threatens a wealthy Okanagan community, but the residents seem unconcerned. The fire is slow-moving, but nothing can stop it.  Carter, a handyman at one of the residences is actually a brain-injured heir to a billion dollar fortune. He thinks he is told to save Natalie, a 21 year old fiery rock singer who is singing doom-filled rants against society. Carter believes that Natalie may be the Chosen One. Can he reach her before the fire claims everyone?
Read “Nferno”


The Jade Buddha by Ramon Kubicek

John Maitland has just returned from Hong Kong and is staying at a hotel in Vancouver, when he is attacked there.  He leaves, but afterwards returns when the management gives him three free nights. Suddenly, he cannot leave and he gets lost inside the old hotel, where he is attacked a second time. His attackers demand that he tell them about the Jade Buddha, about which he apparently knows nothing.
Read “The Jade Buddha”


Barbusse by Ramon Kubicek

Robichaud, a cleaner who works at a newspaper office is arrested and then given a psychiatric exam for his claim that he is the famous clown Barbusse, who is now being sought by Montreal police for a series of robberies. It becomes clear that Robichaud is obsessed with clowns in general and Barbusse in particular, as well as with a now-deceased French painter Grenier. Before Robichaud’s arrest, he tracks down some associates of Barbusse and manages to figure out that the clown has indeed planned several heists. Robichaud has never met Barbusse, lacks any acting or comic talent, and has no money or influence to help Barbusse, but before the story runs its course, Robichaud will have played a crucial part in the saga of Barbusse.
Read “Barbusse”


The Dinner Guest by Ramon Kubicek

Jordan Purvis arranges and hosts dinner parties for well-to-do, bored guests. They pay a lot of money to sit at his table, where each week a mystery guest arrives, and those invited take part in a set of challenges where no boundaries exist any more.  Soon they are bound by the knowledge of what they have done, but they can’t stop.
Read “The Dinner Guest”


Kraznik in Love by Ramon Kubicek

Adam Krane, a Vancouver writer, newly engaged to a beautiful woman in a prosperous West Vancouver family, discovers from his father that he is related to the Krazniks, a family line from Eastern Europe that is so unlucky that even mentioning their name invites bad luck. “You’re not crazy. You’re Kraznik. That is more than crazy.” He travels to Montreal to learn about his background and becomes enmeshed in many complications that very quickly affect his wedding plans. His luck seems to turn bad, but what at first appears to be misfortune ends up as good fortune.  Adam, his fiancée, and his friends all become changed because of their bizarre and oddly touching contact with the Krazniks—the family no one wants to know.
Read “Kraznik in Love”

In Montreal, Zeno, a very young boy, has just been given in custody to his uncle, his only remaining relative.  His uncle has many rules. Is this the beginning of good fortune for Zeno or the beginning of a new terror?
Read “Zeno’s Paradox”

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