Crazy Wisdom

The place where we’ll look at creativity and what people do to keep sharp and inventive.

Show Me the Honey

    The poet Rilke used the image of the beehive and the collection of honey to describe the activity of the artist. Honey, that magical sweet substance derived from the work of bees, feeds others. (LETTERS TO A YOUNG POET) With the bee imagery in mind, Rilke wasn’t talking about commercial success for the artist or even cultural fame. It was some idea of sweetness and of feeding others. Once, a stranger asked me, “Are you an artist?” I winced, and I didn’t know why. … [Read more...]

Crazy Wisdom: Let The Body Do It

When did books on creativity begin coming out in droves? Certainly there have been dozens of books in the last twenty years that promise to have us more creative if we just take the time to read that book. Some of the books are quite good (Michael Michalko’s CRACKING CREATIVITY comes to mind), but most of them have one thing in common. They are all reasonable, well ordered books with programs that claim to have measurable effects. If you can’t measure it, you can’t be confident it will work and … [Read more...]

Crazy Wisdom – The First Lesson

The phrase Crazy Wisdom refers to strange and unexpected behavior by a spiritual master, supposedly for our elucidation. Coined by the recent spiritual master Chogyam Trungpa, this condition or state has been around for centuries. The Sufis talk about the “Way of Blame.” Mullah Nasruddin acts the fool in Sufi stories to manifest some insight about human beings. The condition of crazy wisdom shares some things with the creative state. We’re going to borrow the unaccountability, the spirit of … [Read more...]

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