Writer, artist, and educator.  Those three words describe my over twenty years of work. During that time, I’ve developed experience writing short and long forms, including fiction, art texts, reviews, essays, reports, poetry, and scripts. At the heart of the activity has been my effort to understand this extraordinary journey we call life. Most of the time I’ve fallen short of understanding anything, but even at my most obtuse, I’ve been able to see that we are woven by stories. Almost everyone loves a story.

Educated in Montreal, England, and Vancouver, I now teach creative writing and literature at Langara College and art theory at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. I’ve also taught film studies extensively at Postsecondary institutions. I live on the Sunshine Coast in B.C., and that means commuting by ferry to work, which is a chance to watch and listen.

Years ago in England I learned a little bit about watching and listening in studying art and in spiritual discipline. A time of experimentation, but not with drugs.  Some of my best insights came falling off a moving bus into traffic, having my car brakes fail on the steepest hill in England, walking on a girder one hundred feet off the ground on a highrise construction site with no previous experience, and looking into the eyes of an injured barn owl perched on my arm. I worked as a copywriter, sculpted chess pieces, gave wine tastings, did a turn in children’s theatre. I was always picking myself up from some mishap, but I felt lucky.

One of my favorite books is the text “One Thousand and One Nights” with its premise that stories are always present around us, flowing into each other. The storyteller can hardly keep up, but their telling can help save lives. Literature matters. There—I’ve said it. For all its unpopularity today, in favor of the more popular forms of television, video games, and disposable culture of all kinds, literature gives us reasons for being that can bring consolation or excitement, even wisdom. In front of a great work of literature we are all equal, and for the time of our reading and our contemplation of that reading, we become related to each other—part of the human family.
I am interested in almost every kind of narrative, from high concept literary to genre fiction—suspense, detective, science fiction, horror, speculative, travel writing, young adult, children’s books, and creative non-fiction. I want to hear your stories too.

Let’s begin the conversation.

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